Tool 7 - Definition - Project proposal template

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Description: Project proposal template


1. Introduction

General version of the proposal, including the organizational description.


2. Solution

General description of the solution and implementation steps.


2.1.        Conception and Implementation

Organization details, dates, methodology, project team, necessary logistics, pedagogical curricula, evaluation, and other necessary documents. Training program objectives and target groups.


2.2. Methodology

E-learning, B-Learning or Face to Face.


2.3. Training Evaluation


2.4. E-learning system solution


2.5. Hosting and support


2.6. Technical follow up of the training



3.    Project management


- Scope management plan Definition/Adaptation of Project scope and changing procedures definition;

- Schedule management plan Definition of project deadlines;

- Costs management plan Definition of project adaptation costs.;

- Quality management plan Definition of output acceptance requirements;

- Communication management plan Definition of project information flux and methodology;

- Risk-assessment plan Definition of project risk assessment and counter measures.


4.    Validation tests


5.    Budget


6.    Professional experience